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Gulab Jamun

Two fried cheese balls, soaked in a honey syrup and served.

About Us


We, at Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine! We have a great variety of foods which we invite you to enjoy delicious regional specialities some hot & spicy, some mild, and some with curried sauce. We ue only the finest, freshest natural ingredients in every dish, and many are prepared in authentic Indian fashion, roasted in Tandoori, Indian clay Oven.

Taj Mahal enjoys a great reputation among all ethnic foods in the world. It has an uncanny charm, and those who try it, find it rich in taste and flavor. A common ingredient in the Indian food is a wide range of spices. The secret of Indian cuisine is in proper use of selected spices to bring out the rich flavor and aroma and character in food. By proper use of different techniques such as roasting or frying the spices whole, or grinding them to make a paste. our food is inspired by the authentic home cooking of beautiful, spice-rich Kerala, where all our chefs are trained. Food is our passion, prepared for you always with devotion, love, and the finest ingredients.

For those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine may we suggest our Full Buffer available every day a lunch to sample the many different tastes of India, you're sure to find something you'll love.

We hope you enjoy our wann setting, friendly service and traditional dishes! Thank you for visiting with us and savoring the fineness of Indian Cuisine.